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We import a wide variety of different species of prawns and shrimps from Southeast Asia and other countries around the world. We have a large network of established and frequently visited suppliers, who provide us with consistently high quality products which are available throughout the year.








We are able to offer our customers various different specifications for prawns and shrimps. We sell prawns and shrimps at various processing stages; from the basic form of “head-less, shell-on, block frozen”, to “head-on, shell-on, semi-IQF” to “fully cooked, deveined and marinated.”



Black Tiger Prawns Penaeus monodon farmed Bangladesh, India, Vietnam
Black Tiger Prawns Penaeus monodon Wildcatch Indian Ocean
Vannamei Prawns Litopenaeus vannamei farmed Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
Black Pink Prawns Metapenaeus spp. farmed Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand
Cocktail Shrimps Penaeus spp. Wildcatch Indian Ocean
Coldwater Shrimps Pandalus borealis Wildcatch Atlantic, Northeast
Chile Camarones Heterocarpus reedi Wildcatch Pacific



Freshwater Prawns Macrobrachium Rosenbergii farmed Bangladesh, India


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