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You should eat fish at least once or twice a week.  This recommendation has been issued by the German Food Association (DGE), as fish and seafood contain a large variety of mineral nutrients, proteins, healthy fatty acids, and vitamins. Without a doubt, these foods are popular and essential to millions of people all over the world.
If we want to ensure adequate availabilty of healthy seafood in the future, we have to exploit the world’s fishing grounds with great care and responsibility.

Since 1 January 2002, retail sales regulations demand that additional product information is produced for fish and fishery products, i.e. the labeling of trade names, production methods, and fishing grounds. These regulations apply to fresh and deep-frozen fish as well as to food-processed and smoked fishery products.  This is for the customers’ benefit, as the certification labels clearly indicate whether or not a product comes from marine areas with existing fishing restrictions.

Whilst we constantly consider the requirements of the retail business, we are always able to attribute our fish and seafood products to their respective fishing grounds. However, this is only one step on a long journey towards the sustainable protection of our oceans from overfishing. In the future, many further measures will be necessary if we want to enjoy delicious fish meals and conserve our global fish stock at the same time.


We commit ourselves

to sustainable, responsible fishing methods. That is why we support the initiative by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for the long term protection of the oceans.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) was founded in 1997 in reaction to the global fisheries crisis. Today, the MSC is an independent non-profit organisation committed to ensuring the continued existence of our planet’s fishing resources.

MSC certificateIn cooperation with experts from around the world, the MSC has developed environmental standards for sustainable and exemplary fishing policies.The coveted blue-seal MSC certificate is only awarded to companies which pursue an environmentally friendly fishery management, and which have dedicated themselves to the various measures to conserve the global fish stock.Compliance with the MSC’s standards is continually supervised by independent certification companies. Our Rassau team is happy that an increasing amount of product from our suppliers is subject to the MSC principles of sustainable fishery and allowed to bear the MSC logo.

There is no doubt that only well-managed fisheries can secure the future of our maritime ecosystems along with the people whose very existence depends on them. 

For this reason, we prefer trading in fish and seafood produced in accordance with the regulations of sustainable fish breeding programmes. Together with our partners, we continue to strive to increase the trade of MSC-products from our suppliers.

We thank you for your interest and are looking forward to receiving your enquiries.

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