Specialists in Frozen Seafood

We supply our customers with an extensive range of fish, fish fillets and fish steaks. We are able to offer a wide variety of fish products including farmed fish, freshwater fish as well as wild catch which are sourced from many countries around the world.

In addition to our many standard products we also offer an almost all year round availability of tropical soles ready to cook, turbot fillets, Northwestern Atlantic monkfish fillets, sea frozen catfish fillets and red snapper fillets amongst others.

If you have any special requests please do not hesitate to contact Rassau Seafood and we will endeavor to source and supply you with any specialist requirements you may have.

Bonito Sarda Sarda Wildcatch Atlantic, Eastern Central
Fishburger, breaded    
Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss farmed Spain
Anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus Wildcatch Atlantic, Eastern Central
Sardines Sardina pilchardus Wildcatch Mediterranean Sea
Tropical Sole Fillets Cynoglossus spp. Wildcatch Atlantic, Eastern Central
FISH FILLETS Fischfilets
Cod Fillets Gadus morhua Wildcatch Baltic Sea
Halibut Fillets Reinhardtius hippoglossoides Wildcatch Atlantic, Northwest
Stargazer Fillets Uranoscopidae (Kathetostoma giganteum) Wildcatch Pacific
Cod Fillets Gadus morhua Wildcatch Atlantic, Northeast
Cod Loins Gadus macrocephalus Wildcatch Pacific
Catfish Fillets Anarhichas spp. Wildcatch Atlantic, Northeast
Salmon Portions Oncorhynchus keta Wildcatch Pacific
Red Mullet Fillets Upeneus moluccensis Wildcatch Indian Ocean
Red Mullet Fillets Pseudupeneus prayensis Wildcatch Atlantic, Eastern Central
Mostelle (Brotula) Fillets Brotula Barbata Wildcatch Atlantic, Eastern Central
Smooth Oreo Dory Fillets Pseudocyttus maculatus Wildcatch Pacific
Pangasius Fillets (River Cobbler) Pangasius hypopthalmus farmed Vietnam
Yellowfin Sole Fillets Limanda aspera Wildcatch Pacific
Red Snapper Fillets Lutjanus malabaricus Wildcatch Pacific
Redfish Fillet Sebastes spp. Wildcatch Atlantic, Northeast
Plaice Fillets Pleuronectes platessa Wildcatch North Sea
Rock Sole Fillets Lepidopsetta bilineata Wildcatch Pacific
Saithe Fillets Pollachius virens Wildcatch Atlantic, Northeast
Monkfish Fillets Lophius spp. Wildcatch Atlantic, Northwest / Pacific
Tilapia Fillets Oreochromis niloticus farmed China
Tropical Solefillet (Senegalese tonguesole) Cynoglossus senegalensis Wildcatch Atlantic, Eastern Central
Tropical Turbot Fillets Psettodes belcheri Wildcatch Atlantic, Eastern Central
Nile Perch Fillets Lates niloticus Inlandwaters Tanzania/Uganda
Pike Perch Fillets Stizostedion spp. Inlandwaters Eastern Europe
New Zealand Sole Pelthorhambus noveazealandiae Wildcatch Pacific 
Plaice Pleuronectes platessa Wildcatch Atlantic, Northeast
Monkfish Tails Lophius litulon Wildcatch Pacific 
Tropical Sole Cynoglossus spp. Wildcatch Atlantic, Eastern Central
Matjes - Netherlands Clupea harengus Wildcatch Atlantic, Northeast
STEAKS Fischschnitten
Oilfish Steaks Lepidocybium flavobrunneum Wildcatch Pacific 
Halibut Steaks (Black Halibut) Reinhardtius hippoglossoides Wildcatch Atlantic, Northwest
Shark (Porbeagle) Steaks Lamna nasus Wildcatch Atlantic, Southeast
Salmon Steaks (Chum) Oncorhynchus keta Wildcatch Pacific 
Marlin Steaks Makaira indica Wildcatch Atlantic, Southeast
Tuna Steaks (Yellowfin) Thunnus albacares Wildcatch Atlantic, Southeast



Please contact us for our full product range and latest prices.

We are looking forward to receiving your enquiries.

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