In 1916, Adolf Ferdinand Rassau founded his own company which he named “Adolf Ferd. Rassau.”  Initially the enterprise focused exclusively on the export sector, trading worldwide in an extensive range of goods. Amongst other things, the company sold electronics to Hong Kong and Brazil, shipped hygiene products to Argentina and traded aluminium worldwide. The company gained profound international experience within a short space of time and established an excellent reputation worldwide.

Adolf Ferdinand Rassau Founder of the companyHaving survived two world wars, the Adolf Ferd. Rassau Company was acquired by G. Bischoff and his family in the 1960s. Thereafter the company focused on the import of deep-frozen eel and salmon. Shortly after the Bischoff family took over the company our former Seafood Director Günter Hans joined the team.

From the beginning Gunter has focused on expanding the sales of the raw fish and seafood products to wholesalers and smokehouses.  They have recognised Gunter to be a competent partner in the field of product sourcing. Gunter’s philosophy has always been to offer the best service with an unrivalled product quality. The company has gained an excellent reputation within the seafood trade. In 1977, the range of products was expanded to include shellfish and crustaceans.

Principal office of Adolf Ferd. Rassau Fährhausstr. 23, HamburgIn 1989, the Adolf Ferd. Rassau GmbH was purchased by the Canadian company Canada Packers Inc. This enabled the company to benefit from the parent company’s worldwide network. As a result, a considerable number of new and reliable suppliers were acquired in order to meet the demand
for the ever-expanding range of products. Moreover, a highly qualified trading team with in-depth expertise in the fish and seafood industry and strong relationships with suppliers was established in order to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements.

In 1996, Canada Packers Inc. which included the Adolf Ferd. Rassau GmbH was purchased by Maple Leaf Foods Inc., Canada, one of the leading food processing companies in North Amercia. In the course of this company take-over Adolf Ferd. Rassau GmbH was renamed Maple Leaf Rassau GmbH. Again, the seafood business benefited from this new ownership by using Maple Leaf’s worldwide business connections and know-how. Further trading partners were acquired and various new articles expanded the product portfolio.

In early 2007, Maple Leaf Foods decided to sell its European “Convenience Foods” and “Seafood” businesses and focus on its core business in Canada. On 26 February 2007, the seafood business of Maple Leaf Rassau GmbH was outsourced and Rassau Seafood GmbH was founded to continue the long-established and successful seafood business with a new owner.

On 30 March 2007, Towers Thompson, a leading International Food Group specialising in importing, exporting and distributing chilled, frozen and cooked meats and poultry, acquired Rassau Seafood GmbH.  For more information about the Towers Thompson Group, please refer to the website www.towers-thompson.co.uk.

Our new management is committed to continuing our established business strategy. That is why the name Rassau will continue to represent the highest product and service quality both now and in the future.

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