Three Cheers for "Rassau's Fischköppe"!

16. Vattenfall Cyclassics Our Team „Rassau’s Fischköppe“ made it!

1996 was the year when the Cyclassics first started in our beautiful city Hamburg. Over the years the Cyclassics have become classic. This bike event is the only professional race in highest category (UCI World Tour) in Germany and also the largest European “every(wo)men” cycle race.

On 21st of August the world’s best 18 cycle teams competed against each other, but before 19.975 “every(wo)men” bikers gave their best on three different race circuits. “Rassau’s Fischköppe” started their “avenue to fame” on the 55 km long distance called “Westschleife”. And they were lucky. After a long period of rain the summer came back just on time for the 16th Clyclassics. Along the race course more than 800.000 bystanders enjoyed the wonderful sunny weather and watched this unique cycle race event. Very enthusiastic they cheered bikers on while they made their way down the race track.

Winner of the 55 km distance became Sven Eckart of Team von Hacht. It took him 01:19:10 (hh/mm/ss) to get the 55 km done. The best woman was Nina Westphal of team Mika-Racer with a time of 01:28:37.

Our Team „Rassau’s Fischköppe“ also did very well and achieved remarkable results. Also this year our team member L. Neumann is head of the team. With 01:34:57 he showed theeth and gained the best team result. His results were slightly better than last year. With 01:36:59 and only two minutes and two seconds slower J. Jaeschke crossed the finishing line. Compared to last year she also improved her time.

Our colleagues J. Hillebrand and S. Boriss who joined our team for the first time also obtained very good results. A special “THANK YOU” to both of them. When three former team members couldn’t manage to join this year’s race because of absence and bodily harm, they did not hesitate to jump on the bike saddle to keep our team “Rassau’s Fischköppe” going.

All of us, the exultanting fans along the race circuit and the entire team of Rassau Seafood GmbH are proud to have such a wonderful team. For us you are the best of the best and an exceptional example of our team spirit. “Rassau’s Fischköppe” keep on going!!!

We are looking forward to the next Cyclassics in 2012.

J. Hillebrand happy about the medalJ. Hillebrand happy about the medal

S. Boriss, finally dismounting when all is done S. Boriss, finally dismounting when all is done

Our great team after the race Our great team after the race

Our great team after the race

Our great team after the race

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